A Brief STEP-by-Step Guide to Supporting Parents and Guardians




Supporting Parents and Guardians:

A Brief Guide 


STEP Director Laura Rice concisely answers 3 questions about the importance of working with parents and guardians to achieve the best outcomes for students.


What is the value of building a relationship with parents?

Parents and guardians are key in understanding our students and are fundamental to the process and the students. To be successful, treatment is a collaboration between parents and the STEP team. Respecting parents/guardians is critical and sharing information creates the best plan possible.


What are the ways you do this at STEP?

We meet with parents in person, and our clinician calls them weekly to provide updates about a student’s progress and challenges. The calls also let us know how the student is or is not using the skills and strategies they are learning at STEP at home and in the community. We also provide a comprehensive assessment weekly as well as invite parents and guardians to call me with questions or if they have concerns.


Are there other supports outside of STEP with which you can connect parents and guardians?

We believe that both parents and guardians need to have a support system that matches their needs outside of the program. Given that STEP is a 40-day assessment program and our work is critical but short term, our goal is to help families build a support system outside of the program that can be available 24 hours a day during the school day and non-school times.