Laura Rice, LICSW

Director, STEP Assessment Program


Laura graduated from Boston College with a master’s degree in social work and is an LICSW.


Laura was the director of the Short-Term Educational Placement (STEP) program for three years before taking a short break to explore new programs. After her brief hiatus, Laura returned to resume her role as director of the program. Laura provides administrative guidance and teamwork in clinical and crisis services, education and specialized programming to students during the 40-day STEP assessment period. Laura is passionate about working with students and families and is dedicated to learning how to provide creative opportunities for them to find success during this journey.


Over her 20 year career, Laura has employed her considerable social work credentials and experience being a positive leader/participant in overseeing and developing programs in public, private and alternative educational communities, including the Newton (Mass.) Public Schools, Germaine Lawrence School Inc., the Willow Hill School, the Walker School and the Department of Children and Families.



Kristin Blake

Clinical Director, STEP Assessment Program


Kris graduated from Simmons College with a master’s degree in social work and is an LICSW.

Kris started her professional career as a family therapist in residential programming, where her passion for working with children and families was solidified. After this enriching experience, she transitioned to work at Dearborn Academy and later to the STEP program. Kris was the director of STEP for a year and then moved into the clinical director position. 


Kris has worked for Schools for Children for the past 20 years in various leadership roles. Continuing to thrive in her current role, Kris oversees the clinical component of Dearborn STEP assessment that is inclusive of supervising clinical interns from various colleges in New England.




March Ang

Academic Coordinator, STEP Assessment Program


March graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in journalism, and later earned a master’s degree in education from Cambridge College.


March began his career as a writer but quickly realized his passion was in education and accepted a position as an assistant teacher at Dearborn Academy. March worked as an assistant teacher for two years while working on his master’s degree. Once he graduated, March transitioned to the STEP program as a lead teacher in the high school classroom.


Within a few years, March accepted the newly-created role of educational coordinator. In this role, March finds it rewarding to know that he can have a greater impact on understanding students’ academic challenges and promoting a gentle learning environment that meets students in an individualized manner. March oversees the academic component  at the STEP assessment program and focuses on ways to keep the program’s mix of innovation and caring support constantly evolving.


Alert: STEP Offers Full-Week In-Person Learning

The school year has begun at Dearborn STEP assessment with in-person learning. We are currently accepting new students in our middle school and high school programs.


Please contact Director Laura Rice with questions that you may have about our schedule and to learn how we are helping students thrive in this new environment. Find out more about our schedule with important dates and timelines.