We are aware of both the privilege and responsibility of working with the students and families in the STEP program. We value the opportunity to collaborate with others who are invested in our students’ success.


Dearborn STEP (Short Term Educational Placement) assessment is located in Newton, Mass. The program, part of Schools for Children, provides a comprehensive clinical, therapeutic assessment for students in Grades 5-12 for up to 40 school days. We provide high-quality stabilization for students who have had difficulty in their previous school setting.


We encourage students while we assess their strengths, abilities and interpersonal styles. In addition to academic work, students become part of a dynamic community designed to promote respect, trust and responsibility. STEP students become active participants in their academic and social development. The team works closely with our students to help them understand that they are heard. We also support them in developing tools to promote the skills that they can use to feel successful in their educational and social-emotional journey. We encourage our students to work individually with clinicians and within groups and classes to:


● Establish goals for themselves

● Offer feedback in classroom meetings
● Contribute ideas to the curriculum
● Support each other in working towards a better future

Clinical Support


Each student continuously engages in clinical aspects of the program throughout the school day. Our staff works with each student to support their individual growth through listening and by encouraging them to develop emotional regulation skills and social pragmatics to support increasing their comfort in a school setting. 


Whether students are participating in weekly scheduled individual and group counseling, meeting with our consulting psychiatrist, checking in with staff, or accessing support from clinicians in the classroom, staff are consistently working with students on their own, unique clinical goals. We believe it is essential to meet students where they are in their individual journey. 



When you walk into a STEP classroom you will see many things. You will see students working in small groups on projects; and students working independently on assignments created specifically for them. You will also see students laughing and playing academic-based games with staff.


At STEP, each student is provided an educational curriculum that is tailor-fit to their own unique academic strengths, interests and needs. We use multi-modal lessons to reach students of all learning styles, engage students in hands-on learning, and gear all academics towards ensuring student success. 


We believe that it’s not necessarily a student’s job to learn the way a teacher teaches, but a teacher’s job to understand the best way a student learns. Above all, we believe each student has the capability to be academically successful. It is our job to help unlock that success.