About STEP

Dearborn STEP can turn a crisis into an opportunity to help a student and family to get back on track and gain stability. 


Dearborn STEP (Short Term Educational Placement) provides a comprehensive clinical, therapeutic assessment for students in Grades 5-12 for up to 40 school days.


These students may have struggled to be successful due to: 


  • Social-emotional challenges
  • Learning disabilities
  • School refusal
  • Mental health challenges
  • Recent hospital step-down that requires re-acclimation to a school environment


Dearborn STEP can turn a crisis into a healthy break – a chance to evaluate and assess the student’s specific needs and address critical learning issues as well as low-level behavioral challenges. Our program provides individual and group counseling, family collaboration/supports, an individualized student-centered curriculum, and psychiatric consultation or treatment.


Individualized Plans

As part of Dearborn STEP’s efforts to help students get back on track and gain stability, our team develops individualized plans and strategies and collaborates with outside providers and districts to foster an understanding of students’ needs. Instruction is often guided by the curriculum of the referring schools and STEP makes modifications as well as providing additional curriculum to the students’ academic program.


STEP helps students achieve academic and social success by working closely with districts and families to support a transition to the best possible long-term educational placement.