Wish List

Your support makes a difference in the lives of Dearborn STEP assessment students.


Dearborn STEP helps students with learning, social and emotional challenges see the many academic and personal possibilities open to them. Your donation provides additional enrichment opportunities, experiences and other support that improve students’ day-to-day and long-term learning. Wish List items like board games and music enrichment are proven methods for improving students’ math skills. Other items like weighted blankets and Thinking Putty support learning by helping to calm students when they feel anxious in the classroom or in other STEP settings. Your donation of grocery gift cards helps families in need provide critical nutrition for learning, and other cards and financial support help us give us the flexibility to address students’ learning and social-emotional need that arise.


Please contact Director Laura Rice to discuss our current Wish List needs. If you prefer to send a financial donation to Dearborn STEP, please mail your gift to Dearborn STEP, 575 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02458, Attn: Laura Rice (please make checks payable to Dearborn STEP).


Amazon (click here) Wish List for the Program


  • Gift cards for movies and other community activities
  • Gift cards to supermarkets for families in need

  • Weighted blankets

  • Thinking Putty

  • Sports equipment

  • Amazon gift cards for the program

  • Board games (chess, checkers, etc.)

  • Gift cards for Plaster Fun Time 


Other Support

  • Memberships to museums
  • Gift cards to small local restaurants for our social skills off campus trip
  • Passes to Central Rock Gym in Watertown, Mass.
  • Gift cards for self care opportunities
  • Onsite music enrichment